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Heather McPherson is a talented, dedicated, and devoted writer, philanthropist, and mother of two. She is originally from Detroit, Michigan, but has since moved to Ann Arbor where she attended school at the University of Michigan. While in attendance, Heather was a star collegiate athlete. She is proud of the accomplishments she made as a lacrosse player and currently still holds numerous scoring records for the University. She was the leader of the team during her time there and was the stand-out player for the team. Still an avid sports fan, she is loyal to her local Michigan teams, especially the Detroit Lions. Heather is probably most known for her work in the literary community and her children’s book series depicting the adventures of Dr. Bob. Although there are four books total, the two that gained her the most success were Dr. Bob Can’t Find the Door, and Dr. Bob and the Adventures of the Alley Rat Gang. Her work has gained her fame as an award winning author, which she embraces in order to better serve her community.

Heather McPherson is well known within the literary community. Her Dr. Bob book series has gained her the recognition that good writing deserves amongst other professionals. For the traction the series gained across Canada and Europe, she won awards for her work. Her creativity and inventive style took a simple children’s adventure story and turned it into an immense success.  Heather McPherson credits her own children as the inspiration for her books; because of them, she is able to better see the world through a child’s eyes and is ultimately able to write an amazing Dr. Bob adventure.

Heather McPherson: Award Winning Author

Heather McPherson is an extremely talented and award winning author currently residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her most successful literary venture is the Dr. Bob book series, which has gained a substantial amount of success in both Canada and Europe. The Dr. Bob and the Adventures of the Alley Rat Gang, and Dr. Bob Can’t Find the Door, are the most popular books of the series, but only amount to two of the four books totaled in the collection. Both of the books have been amongst other best sellers in Canada as well as all over Europe.

Heather McPherson believes that writing is her life. For her, the creative process is stimulating and often allows her to think about scenarios, situations, and events in ways she would not have thought about otherwise. She enjoys finding inspiration everywhere and having the ability to incorporate that inspiration into her magnificent works. Heather is deeply devoted to her life pursuit of writing, but her most prized accomplishments are her two children whom she often brings along to book signings.

Heather McPherson is well known within the literary community. Her Dr. Bob book series has gained her the recognition that good writing deserves amongst other professionals. For the traction the series gained across Canada and Europe, she won awards for her work. Her creativity and inventive style took a simple children’s adventure story and turned it into an immense success. Heather McPherson credits her own children as the inspiration for her books; because of them, she is able to better see the world through a child’s eyes and is ultimately able to write an amazing Dr. Bob adventure.

Heather McPherson, a Single Supermom

When it comes to independent, successful women, Heather McPherson may be the bachelorette of the century. Her lifelong devotion to public service has made her a model for the community while her bestselling Dr. Bob books boosted her success and popularity worldwide. On top of all that she is a single mother of two children who strive to be just like their heroic mom.

Heather’s journey to individual success started as a child, when she sacrificed her own quest for social identity among her peers to help those in need. At an elementary age, she was already working in soup kitchens and pet shelters, connecting with others who came from a much more unfortunate background than hers.

Heather soon learned that her service was inspiring more people than she had thought. An avid sports fan growing up, Heather’s father used to take her and her brothers to Detroit Tigers games until he lost his job and could no longer afford the tickets. Heather’s co-volunteers learned about her situation after almost a year of working with her, and it just so happened to be around the same time the Tigers, as well as the Detroit Lions, started donating tickets to those particular non-profits. Soon enough, Heather had the means to treat her family to sporting events, and another reason to keep volunteering.

Heather graduated from the University of Michigan in 1996, and currently resides in Ann Arbor with her two children, who are both currently embracing their own ways to give back to the community. She is the author of the bestselling Dr. Bob book series, and guest lectures at universities and activism events.

Many people who grow up in a rough area often set their goals around getting out of that particular place and seeking a better life elsewhere. When Heather McPherson walked to school every day, that was now how she saw inner-city Detroit. She viewed every homeless person and every stray pet as an opportunity, for both that subject and her to enrich one another’s lives and grow through a selfless compassion.

Now a successful writer, activist and mother of two, Heather McPherson looks back on the urban setting that raised her, and has nothing but gratitude. Starting in her elementary years, Heather went to work in soup kitchens and animal shelters without any outside parties asking her to do so. She had less interest in developing her own social life, and more in helping others with backgrounds and life situations much different from her and her classmates.

Her career would have never gone to such heights without being raised in an area of such economic disparity and hardship for those on the receiving end of such difficult life situations. In her early childhood she had already devoted her life to public service, a decision many would say is a big choice for such a little person to commit. Heather McPherson never thought twice about bettering her community around her, even at the price of her own career and success. And in that, Detroit’s many opportunities to offer unbridled generosity is what eventually made her famous.

Heather McPherson is an inspiration to humanitarian activists around the world, as well as readers of her Dr. Bob fiction series. She dedicated her life to public service, starting in volunteer programs at an exceptionally early age. Now an accomplished academic, author, mother and leader of community involvement, Heather McPherson has taken on guest-speaking to spread her gospel of benevolence to others.

A graduate of Michigan University, Heather McPherson’s first paid speaking appearance was actually in a college classroom. She worked as a Teacher’s Assistant as part of her curriculum and ended up stealing some popularity from her superior when she substituted for him one day. When she graduated, she immediately went to a teaching position where she helped illiterate adults learn how to read and write. A lifetime believer of public service, Heather continued her volunteer work throughout, and even found the time to start writing her first Dr. Bob book.

Now a mother of two, Heather McPherson had to adapt to a lifestyle that demanded less working hours. With income flowing in from her book sales, she left her teaching position and started guest lecturing at universities and conventions around the world. Her career has inspired many to achieve their goals, whether they be in public service or fiction writing, and it shows through the faces of all her compelled audience members.

Heather McPherson has always had it out for illiteracy. In her younger years she worked at a soup kitchen for the homeless, and through talking to these individuals she learned how many of them weren’t able to read. Her levels of volunteerism heightened at that moment, when she decided to go above and beyond her soup kitchen duties and offer reading lessons to those who wanted them for dessert.

After graduating from college, Heather was excited to get back to her hometown with a bigger vision and drive to help her community, which was now backed by the leverage of a college degree. She started volunteering right away to teach English to those who had been living without the ability to read or write. She was no longer giving individual lessons, and was instead teaching to classrooms full of people who were all benefitting from her extensive experience.

It was through this ability of mass communication that a new prospect arose to Heather McPherson. She had entertained herself for years with the idea of Dr. Bob, an imaginary character that always seemed to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Heather decided it was time to put this protagonist on paper, and reach out to a larger audience of book readers around the world. Now, Heather McPherson’s popularity has spread like wildfire across international communities who are fascinated with Dr. Bob’s wit, sense of adventure and ability to create conflict out of thin air.

Heather McPherson and Dr. Bob

Heather McPherson always had a gifted imagination. Her widely-recognized protagonist, Dr. Bob, is a child of that imagination. With most of her childhood dedicated to helping impoverished people and stray pets find ways to live more amply, Heather reserved little time for the distraction of an active social life. She rarely surrounded herself with people of her age, except in school. Without being able to vent or even properly convey the tribulations of her childhood to someone in the same situation, she often consulted Dr. Bob and his adventures to keep her young mind stimulated.

It wasn’t until decades later that Dr. Bob’s character was actually put on paper. After receiving a degree at the University of Michigan, Heather embraced a short stint in teaching that allowed her to use her English fluency in a capacity that spoke to a larger audience. Her love for inspiring others was magnified by her ability to reach a bigger group of people, an idea she applied when revealing her long-time imaginary friend.

Dr. Bob’s ability to always find himself in the wrong situation at the wrong time is actually not a quality shared by his creator. Instead, he is a product of all the misadventures Heather had sacrificed when working to build her community. Her devotion to work kept her out of any sketchy situations that could occur throughout a wild adolescence. Dr. Bob is Heather McPherson’s vessel for mischief, creating conflicts out of thin air and keeping McPherson’s readership on their toes.

Growing up in a rough area of Detroit, Heather McPherson passed by homeless people and stray pets as she walked to school every day. It was not long before she started pondering ways she could improve life in her community, even in her capacity as a young elementary school child with no professional experience.

When most kids are eventually allowed the freedom to go outside without adult supervision, they often use it to go to their friends’ houses or group together for a baseball game. Heather McPherson was not one of those children. Once her parents stopped micro-managing her every hour, Heather used her free time to volunteer at soup kitchens. She found the homeless population to be friendly, and even impressed with her lack of selfishness at such a young age.

On her way home from the soup kitchen one day, Heather was approached by a stray Labrador puppy. The poor thing clearly had not been fed or bathed in a long time, so she took it home and secretly adopted it without the permission of her parents who she knew did not want animals in the house.  She kept it in her room for weeks, and named it Barry, after her favorite football player. She fed Barry her table scraps and walked him whenever her parents stepped out of the house.

This went on until Barry developed a bark, which revealed the unknown tenant to Heather’s parents. They made her give Barry to an adoption center, a heartbreaking task for a little girl. She visited Barry every day until he was adopted; when that happened, Heather McPherson decided she would continue her volunteerism at the shelter, befriending animals throughout their tough transition.

Heather McPherson: The Creation of Dr. Bob

Heather McPherson was unsure what she wanted to do after her college tenure. A successful University of Michigan scholar and athlete, she has initially made the decision to pursue a teaching career, though she had also always had a desire to see her name in print. Writing had always been, more or less, a hobby for Heather McPherson, a way to pass the time through personal creative expression.

Now known for the Dr. Bob archetype, Heather McPherson had always had an idea for a full-length novel, something involving a hapless, yet absurd protagonist who always seemed to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She had already written several short stories surrounding the character, yet she never believed the story had any potential for commercial or literary success. Equipped with a college degree, Heather McPherson began considering enrollment in a local teaching college, one that would give her the education needed to demonstrate her aptitude for the English language in an environment conducive to learning.

It was during a small poetry reading that Heather McPherson first introduced the Dr. Bob character to other people. The other members of the group were so mesmerized by the wit, angst and listlessness of Dr. Bob that they encouraged her to submit the story to a local publication. What started out as a single page article on page 67 quickly became a full-fledged magazine series, one that began to attract the attention of publishers on the Chicago area. Heather McPherson received such a positive response from the Midwestern literary community that she soon became immersed in a high dollar book deal.

Recent literary successes have made Heather McPherson a sought-after commodity on the public speaking circuit, and have elevated both her fame and her success to near breakout levels.

Now an experienced and talented public speaker, Heather McPherson tours college campuses around the country, espousing the challenges of being a successful fiction author in a competitive literary climate. As the person responsible for the lovable and laughable Dr. Bob, as well as his many cohorts and misadventures, Heather McPherson is quickly becoming a household name, particularly in her home state of Michigan. She speaks to young people, which includes many aspiring young writers, on her particular creative process, which often involves the creation of enormous outlines and character development blurbs she uses to build her novels.

Heather McPherson has developed into a talented public speaker, and is sought-after not only for the educational nature of her lectures and speeches, but also her ability to be persuasive, and to compel her audiences to action. Her books’ successes, particularly in the Midwest, have thrust her into the spotlight, and have made her a relatively famous name in the Michigan literary market.

Heather McPherson works to improve people’s understanding of not only her own creative process, but also the steps other successful authors have taken to both create, build and develop a powerful series of high-quality literature. She enjoys reaching out to people who may be struggling to find their literary voice, and providing useful tips and insight into what has become an enormously competitive marketplace.